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Insulation Services

Using our vast experience as insulation contractors, we will evaluate your insulation needs looking for ways to save you money on your over all energy consumption. Our recommendations address your attic, walls, ceilings, and basement insulation, as well as the importance of air sealing, roof venting, and insulating your pipes and ducts. Hugh’s has insulated all areas of the home, from the walls, ceilings, attic to the basement. 

We will consult with you on the best and most economical ways to conserve energy and save you money. We offer professional FREE Estimates.

Air Sealing

Proper Air Sealing is necessary before adding insulation!

Also among the important facts about insulation are the preparation methods for installation. Air sealing is the most critical of these. Air leakage can occur in many different parts of your home, but when you’re planning on upgrading your insulation, you’ll want to focus on the parts of the house where insulation will be added.

We are an EPA Lead Paint Certified Firm.

Our crews are experienced, certified, prompt and professional!

We are an approved contractor in the Mass Save Home Energy Services Program and will assist you with every part of this process to help you save money for the short and long term.

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