Insulating homes for your comfort!


Insulation Products

We deliver quality energy conservation measures to the residential, commercial and industrial markets by installing environmentally approved and cost saving insulation materials. Hugh’s Energy Conservation specializes as insulation contractors installing fiberglass and cellulose insulation. Cellulose is an all green product and has been used safely for over 80 years. All our materials comply with the state of Massachusetts and Federal guidelines. We use blown cellulose, fiberglass insulation, fiberglass blankets and rigid insulation board. We also specialize in venting, blower door testing, air sealing, duct and pipe insulation. Hugh’s has insulated all areas of the home, from the walls, ceilings, attic to the basement.

Fiberglass Insulation

Our fiberglass product we use is a glasswool insulation. This product is made of sand, one of the world’s most abundant and renewable resources. It is made of a minimum 35% post consumer bottle glass and Ecose Technology, a new highly sustainable, bio-based binder that does not contain non-renewable petroleum based chemicals such as phenol, formaldehyde, or acrylics commonly used in traditional fiber glass insulation products.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose in new construction; densely packed for sound reduction.

Our cellulose insulation material is a green product. Cel-Pak Cellulose insulation is over 82% recycled content and better for you and the environment. Cellulose saves you money and can save your life as well as it is much safer in the event of a fire. Glass and foam insulation melt in a fire, potentially allowing fire to spread. Additionally, if exposed to fire, Cel-Pak Cellulose Insulation produces virtually no smoke. Foam insulation produces massive amounts of toxic smoke. Most victims of fire die from smoke and toxic gasses and not burns. 

We hope such tragic events never occur for our customers but the Cel-Pak Cellulose material allows you to sleep more comfortably through the night not worrying about such events. Densely packed cellulose serves as a fire block and works to prevent the spread of fire.

Sound Reduction

Cellulose can also be installed as sound reduction in walls, which helps eliminate outside noises in exterior walls and between connecting units. Installing cellulose in the garage ceiling can help eliminate noise from the door opening/closing and other noises from the garage. Cellulose installed in the attic can also help to reduce outside noises.

Fire Demo

The borates in Cel-Pak and the fact that it is densely packed in your walls makes it a very inhospitable environment for mold, ants, termites, mice, etc. This fact makes it most resistant to rot, mold, insects and rodents. It also provides a much quieter environment for your home than most insulation materials. A product that is better for the earth, better for your home, better for you and your pocket book!

Compare the heat resistant and fire retardant properties of cellulose to fiberglass