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Cellulose is an all green product and has been used safely for over 80 years. We use Class I blown cellulose. Cellulose saves you money and can save your life as well as it is much safer in the event of a fire.
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We use Class I fiberglass insulation. Our fiberglass product we use is made by KNAUF called ECOBATT and is a glasswool insulation. This product is made of sand, one of the world’s most abundant and renewable resources.
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Hugh's Energy Conservation

Hugh’s Energy Conservation is an insulation contracting company specializing in the installation of fiberglass and cellulose insulation. Hugh’s Energy Conservation is family owned and operated and has been meeting the energy conservation needs of our customers for a quarter century. All our materials comply with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Federal guidelines. We use Class I blown cellulose, fiberglass insulation, fiberglass blankets and rigid insulation board. We also specialize in venting, blower door testing, air sealing, duct and insulation. Hugh’s has insulated all areas of the home, from the walls, ceilings and attic to the basement.

Hugh’s Energy Conservation is an approved insulation contractor in the major utilities money saving programs and is a Mass Save Partner in the Mass Save Home Energy Program.

All homes built before 2012 should have an energy audit done.